Vibrations 2014 is a festival that ‘might’ happen down my street this Summer. The last one was in 2012. 2013 was a hiatus and 2014 is only gonna’ happen if we all pitch in and support the endeavour. Check out the above video made by the very talented .

The IndieGoGo is a go. Support if you can, and if not. Hit me up and you might be able to visit my private tent ;-)

“The Big Leap” is a new spot from Lacoste, to launch their “Life is a Beautiful Sport” campaign.

Creative agency: BETC  / Production: Wanda  / VFX: MPC  / Sound production: Schmooze
Music: DISCLOSURE – “YOU & ME” ft Eliza Doolittle — Flume Remix

I currently can’t stop watching this. Amazing sounds from the newly formed ‘GROOVE-iST’ out of Bristol, UK.

According to Bass player Ben Tunnicliffe: “It’s been set up so we can kind of jam and stay on one groove for as long as we need so people can get up and just spit bars for as long as they want, freestyle or not. The projects just taken a little step onto the backburner though ’cause everyone’s pretty busy playing other stuff!

They need to get off the backburner in my opinion!

‘From my Blue’ by Audego.

Nice find via TrendLand

The ‘Tokyo’ ident from Channel 4 in the UK.

These rolled out many years ago while I was living in England, but still stand the test of time as unique ways to portray the number ’4′. The channel did a whole series of these in different situations. The camera would glide around a scene and at a certain point the number ’4′ would reveal itself when the camera was in the exact right position to catch the perspective.

It was abstract, but it worked. The music composed for these also added to an air of intrigue.

Here’s a low-res compilation of some of the others:

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