When I was a kid growing up in England we basically only had 4 TV channels to choose from. BBC One, BBC Two, ITV and Channel 4.

When Channel 4 launched in the 1980’s it was (to my memory at least) regarded as an outcast of sorts. It was the only channel that would feature cutting edge music, risqué points of view and (in more recent history) even broadcast a live autopsy (yes, with an actual human body.)

For these reasons, and more, I suppose I am not too surprised to find their new series of on-air idents are a strange, abstract and mesmerizing affair. There is no logo, no overt branding and absolutely nothing to inform you that these short films exist to promote a TV channel. In fact the only function of these films is to play in-between TV shows while the announcer narrates what’s coming next.

A lot of people are confused. A lot of people are asking “where is the logo?”, but some of us are impressed. Fuck it. Why does everything have to be so obvious all the time? Let’s embrace the abstractness!

Apparently the films were created by Jonathan Glazer (Under The Skin) but they feel very Matthew Barney to me.

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“People refer to what I do as nostalgic. We’re not using plugins. We’re not using a synthesizer that’s emulating a guitar sound. We’re using real instruments.” – Adrian Younge

Here is the trailer for Björk’s self-titled MoMA exhibition which will take place this Spring.

This sounds like it’s gonna be great…

“The exhibition draws from more than 20 years of the artist’s daring and innovative projects and her eight full-length albums to chronicle her career through sound, film, visuals, instruments, objects, and costumes.”


It seems to be a regular theme on the hill of late, saying goodbye to some of the finer establishments that have made this place home for me over the last few years. This week I’ll be taking a trip to Harvard Exit to experience one last film before the tiny art house theater is closed for good and renovated into restaurants and offices.

Arabica Lounge was a more recent addition within the last couple of years, but was an inspiring place to sit and sketch out an idea, or drift off in a daydream over a cup of coffee or a European beer.

I never really had the chance to chat with the owner Jojo much, but I wish him well with his new endeavors in Berlin. Arabica was a one-off place, and this video captures that essence very well.

Capitol Hill Blog Article

If you haven’t got the VSCO Cam app on your iPhone or Android device yet, you really should. It blows Instagram out of the water both in terms of photography capability and quality of images from the network.

The latest version of the app allows you to create and publish long-form content to a platform called ‘VSCO Journal’. To help inspire you of the possibilities VSCO have teamed up with music mag The Fader. They will release previously unseen photography from the publications 15 year history.

I continue to be amazed and thankful for the steller work that VSCO does in designing their app and platform. There are extremely few companies out there that value and lead with design as much as this. We need more companies of this ilk in our future.

VSCO Cam® 4.0 for iOS 8 — iPhone & iPad

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